Regional Overseers

Rev. Dr. Charles Prince Zuta - Regional Overseer - North America

Rev. Dr. Charles P. Zuta is an Ordained Itinerant Minister with Harvest Chapel International since 1981. A seasoned minister of God, he teaches the word of God with simplicity and deep insight.
Dr Zuta joined the ministry during it’s days as Calvary Road and served in various capacities as a Assistant Drama Director, Drama Director and also Prayer Director. As an Associate Pastor in Harvest Chapel International, he was at various times in charge of the Prayer Warriors, Evangelism and also New Members classes.

A Product of the McGill University - Macdonald Campus where he obtained a P.hD in Food Science and the University of Stirling where he also obtained a M.Sc in Pathobiology. He currently working as a process improvement resource in health care in addition to his ministry roles. He is also a product of the University of Science and Technology where he obtained his B.Sc in Biological Science.

A passionate soccer fan, he plays and also referee soccer games in his spare time. He enjoys reading inspiring quotes, his favorite being 'You see things and ask why, I dream of things which are not and I ask why not' by George Bernard Shaw'

Charlie Zuta or Prince as he is affectionately called by his friends and associates is married with two children and together with his wife Vivienne maintains a family home in Toronto, Canada.