Harvest Theatre
Harvest International Theatre is the drama wing of Harvest Chapel International. The group draws inspiration and motivation from the experience of Moses and the burning bush on mount Horeb (Ex. 3:2), where God spoke to Moses through the ministration of an angel. We believe that through our ministry God speaks to people. Therefore messages of our sketches are tailored to be immediately relevant for today. They are humorous, pointed, serious, thought-provoking to the saving of a soul. People from all walks of life identify with our ministration in one way or the other as our enactments are always based on realities of this life and the life to come.

We are running with a two-fold vision:

  1. To communicate the Gospel of Christ creatively to both the Christian and Circular community without losing the dynamic truth at its core.
  2. To develop every member to become a TOTAL PERSON; Confident, skillful, excelling in their respective fields of endeavor as well as being vessels of honor unto God.

HIT believes in oneness and brotherhood and have one definite and certain mission: TO REACH OUT TO SOMEONE OUT THERE once we get on stage.

At Harvest Theatre, we believe that theatrical performance is a powerful means of driving home the truth of the gospel. It is a living illustration that lingers in your memory long after the spoken word has faded. Theatrical performances speak to hearts and souls, bringing nourishment to the afflicted and hope for the despaired. We do the ministration and God brings the deliverance

Apart from the privilege of ministering through drama and choreography, Harvest Theatre also organizes special prayer times and picnics in the course of the year that draws us closer to our Maker and further unites us as members of one body- OF CHRIST.

We meet once a week on the church premises (Thursdays at 6:30pm to 8:30pm). However, other meeting days may be scheduled in addition to the normal meeting day when we are getting ready for a production.