Eligibles Ministry

The Eligibles Ministry was set up to take care of the spiritual, social and emotional needs of the singles in the church. The Harvest Eligibles Ministry is for those who are 25 years and above and are not married. We also cater for the needs of divorcees, widows, widowers and single parents. Today, more than half the adult population in most churches is single. This indicates the need for a ministry to single persons and Harvest Eligibles Ministry fills this gap.

Unlike the youth ministry, it is an adult ministry that helps members to make the best of the “single season” of their lives while engaging in active ministry work. The Eligibles Ministry has the vision of bringing together all unmarried men and women in the church and encourages them to be committed to the work of ministry and also to keep themselves from any form of behavior that will mar their reputations as Christians. The ministry teaches them to build decent pre-marital relationships and provides through networking, support services for various interests or need areas including; counselling, medical, legal, marriage planning, etc.

In addition, there are some special programs for the needs of the divorced, widowed and the homeless. For this category, the ministry does such things as grief counseling and helping them to overcome the pain of their experiences. The Ministry together with the support of the church assists in providing other technical assistance to the members by linking them to professionals for specialized counseling.

Involvement of Married persons.
Are you married and yet love working with young adults? Harvest Eligibles Ministry could be a ministry platform for you.
There are many places in this ministry where married people could be involved. For example; it is much more effective to have a courtship or singles seminar taught by a married person who understands what it is like to be single rather than a single person. Much of the counseling could best be done by married persons who understand the problems faced by singles. Branch Pastors and church leaders are therefore encouraged to be involved in the activities of the Eligibles Ministry in order to build a strong and formidable singles ministry that will be a vibrant toll for church building.

Meetings and Programmes
The Eligibles Ministry holds an all night once in every quarter, a special programme every valentine and an end of year dinner. These activities are interspaced by some social programmes like fun games, excursions and seminars.

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