Here's Hope! - Silky Soulful Voice, Kakra NARTEY UNVEILED!

With Voice, Verve and Faith, Ghana's new kid on the gospel music block, Kakra Nartey hits the road with her debut album “MASE BI”, thanks to Bang Records and the strong music ministry of Harvest Chapel International. For someone who’s had passion for singing all her life, getting to record her debut album, is more than a dream come true... it’s a testimony of the faithfulness of God's words - 'to lift out of the miry clay and set a fragile feet on a rock'!

“MASE BI” features 6 contemporary gospel songs including one hippy worship medley and three jamming gospel highlifes.  The worship medley combines original songs from Kakra's own collection with popular local worship tunes in a breath taking rendition that evokes the presence of God in any environment! It also features “ADOM”, a smash track which has the potential of a hit song. The only English track 'Who am i' is a-must-listen, showcasing the rich velvety voice of Kakra in a powerful duet under laced with somber saxophone worship melody brewed in Ghana.

Kakra’s strong belief in God’s Grace which has made her worthy, having come this far with a project that started seven years ago with its own twists and turns culminates into the album title - MASE BI! She is not just blessed with singing but, anointed and given the grace to write songs as she composed majority of the tracks on her debut album. Coming out with her debut album isn’t just Kakra’s dream, it a goal she has been determined to achieve despite all odds - education, career and ministry.

Kakra Nartey has been in the background for quite some time, singing mainly in church choir - with the popular evergreen Harvest Gospel Choir.

For those who have had the opportunity of enjoying her ministration over and over again, they describe her music as the setting for a tangible visitation of God. Contemporary yet so close to heaven, she basks in the anointing of God.

Singing all her life from childhood, Kakra Nartey is blessed with a very soothing voice professionally suitable for worship and praise, a total package, coming with a well-built image and stage presence as one cannot sit still under her ministration. Kakra’s ministry is a Ministry of Hope, as she intimates calmly 'there's a lot to weigh one down looking around us, but my life is a great demonstration that God is never limited by any circumstance or location one finds him or herself'.

She hopes to share her story of hope an possibility here in Ghana with rural and urban Ghana through her music. Kakra Album Launch 2Kakra Nartey’s Music Career started from home, growing up as a little girl, she joined her mother to sing Methodist hymnals and from age 10, Kakra Nartey started to perform on stage in churches. Being a member of the Harvest Gospel Choir, Kakra Nartey is no stranger to the stage and performances. She hopes to reach out and touch lives with her music through performances on bigger platforms that the Lord will bless her with.

Everyone has dreams and goals, and Kakra Nartey has just begun hers with her debut album “MASE BI” which is to be launched on Saturday April 12th 2014 at Harvest Chapel International, Tesano at 5:00pm prompt. Ministring will be other seasoned artist including Bethel Odonkor, Yaw Antwi Dadzie, Rev Nana Folson all from the Harvest Gospel Choir stock and Guest artist will be powerful minstrel, Cynthia McCauley.

Kakra’s “MASE BI album is an album that brings value for money for all songs pass the test and set to be a great hit on the market and the dedication of the album come Saturday will serve as a launch pad for her countrywide tour