President’s Message


Dear Valiant of Jesus Christ, 

With the beginning of yet another new year many are looking ahead with the hope of starting right through the mending of broken relationships, correcting wrongs, planning better, making new commitments, making pronouncement of faith, and the list may go on and on.

As Valiant men of God, we have been called out of darkness to show forth leadership in good deeds so thatour God will be praised among the heathen 1Pet 2:9, 12.  We need divine wisdom with a sure faith that brings honour to God in this calling for the New Year. Our devotion requires a deep understanding to put our calling into the right perspective of things. The priorities should now be divinely elevated inorder to deliberately impact other lives.

Let’s set ourselves as Men of Vision and Evangelism, divinely elevated with priorities that deliberately impact positively the lives of others. This should be selfless and sacrificial. We should seek build each other up in the faith through every available means - networking spiritually, socially, electronically and vocationally.The clarion call is to be responsible fathers, heads and leaders in all endeavours of life. 

God has put men in the helms of life to manage activities here on Earth for His own divine purposes.So whatever we do as men for this year let us apply divine wisdom to our hearts. 

I wish you all very happy, peaceful, blessed and prosperous New Year.

Mr. Jacob Puplampu