Welfare Support Team

This care facility provides critical help for extremely vulnerable members of the church requiring interventions as and when the need arises - from emergency fees payment to critical medical aid.Harvest Chapel International aids our covenant members who are in a relatively desperate situation concerning life’s basic needs (food, shelter, utilities, transportation, clothing, etc.).

Additionally, we provide assistance as deemed necessary in a context and manner that encourages the spiritual and emotional development of those in need.

Benevolence gifts are based upon inpidual situations and the funds available at the time of the request. Due to the tremendous amount of need within the congregation, help to those outside our ministry is limited.

Some congregants also volunteer and share resources as and when requests become overwhelming. For advice on procedure and how we can be of help to you, please Get in touch through the church office or call the Coordinator of this Care team, Pastor Gilbert Gakpey    +233 2666 45506.